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Benefits of choosing Hydronav as a Supplier

Experienced in the Industry

With Hydronav's presence in the Geospatial and Marine industry for over 20 years, we have a proven and good track record with all our clients.

Lease Terms

Short-term through to long-term lease to suit every need.

Quality Guaranteed

All instruments and systems are tested before hand.

Back-up Service

Hydronav Services has dedicated pick-up and delivery service. Remote diagnostics can also be deployed.

Flexible Terms & Condition

With an option of lease to purchase, our clients will now be able to have an option of purchasing after a long lease period, converting the rental equipment to their very own asset.

Constant updates with technology

In Hydronav, we are constantly investing in the latest state-of-the-art technology to improve our client's experience with us. Also we believe that constant updates of the latest technologies to our clients is of an utmost importance

One stop solution

From Land to Marine to Air, Collection to processing to analysis, Hardware to software to training. Now, you will be able to obtain a complete solution in Hydronav.

Availability throughout the reigon

With our offices based throughout South East Asia reigon, you will be able to collect the equipment from our various of your preferred office. Our clients will be able to drop by our offices with thier equipment for us to troubleshoot or to guide onto how to use.

Dedicated Team of Sales Engineers

We have a complete team of over 30 sales engineers at our client's disposal to assist them in any problems faced

Complete solution, always

We not only sell a hardware and leave our clients

Around the clock Service

Our team is available to assist at any point in of the day