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24 Hour Technical Support

All Hydronav equipment is offered with a 24 hour technical telephone support. It should be used in a technical emergency only. For all other queries, please contact us during office hours:

Monday - Friday: 0900 - 1800 hrs

Saturday: 0900 - 1300 hrs

Or by email:


Service & Calibration

Our service facilities incorporate the latest test equipment to ensure all lasers are calibrated correctly. We have a total of more than 10 trained engineers in all the 3 offices. With a comprehensive set of tools and calibration table for calbrating Total Stations, GPS and other survey tools.

A Calibration Certificate is provided with each instrument after each calibration.

Installation & Commissioning

Our team of Engineers will be able to assist on site, be it to comission or to install to provide an ease of mind to our clients who purchase or rent.

This comprehensive team of well experienced and knowledgeable team will be able to assist in brainstorming the issues that is faced onshore or offshore.

Complete Solution & System Integration

One of our core beliefs is providing our clients with a complete solution catered to their requirements and advising them what is best for the job. With this, our clients will be able to feel reassured that they will not be provided with an extravagant solution that is beyond their job.

We bring a system integration between multiple products and getting data out of them hasslefree. Providing a complete solution from software to hardware will be left to us and you would not need to worry about picking the wrong choice of equipment for any job.