Wetlabs ECO FL
Single channel fluorometers
ECO FL fluorometers measure fluorescence from chlorophyll-a, CDOM, uranine, rhodamine, and phycoyanin and phycoerythrin.
  •  Ships with ECOView Host software
  •  Analog and Digital Output
  •  Analog scaling to maximize analog resolution
  • Optional integrated Bio-wiper™ and/or copper faceplate for antifouling
  • Optional internal batteries and memory; over 100,000 samples
  • Full ocean depth model available


Wetlabs ECO NTU
Environmental Characterization Optics (ECO)

The Environmental Characterization Optics (ECO) series of sensors incorporates a common set of options with a single basic design to make them ideal for a wide variety of deployments.


  • Unparalleled sensitivity of the ECO in an optical scattering measurement at 700 nm for determining turbidity.
  • Turbidity measurement data that is not affected by CDOM concentration, unlike instruments that attempt to measure turbidity by using blue wavelengths.
  • The option of analog output for easy integration into CTD packages.
  • Excellent precision, reliability and overall performance at a fraction of the cost and size of similar instruments.
Wetlabs ECO Puck
Miniature Version

WET Labs manufactures a miniature version of the popular Environmental Characterization Optics (ECO) series sensors for OEM applications. ECO series sensors incorporate a common set of options with a single basic design. The puck™ version is specifically designed for applications where space and power requirements are critical. Pucks™ are ideal for a wide variety of applications, including AUVs, gliders, and profiling floats.

Wetlabs ECO Triplet
User-defined configuration

The Triplet is a a special-order, three-optical-sensor instrument available in a user-defined configuration. The Triplet addresses the need for multiple simultaneous scattering and fluorescence sensors for autonomous and unattended measurement platforms.

Choose from: one scattering, two fluorometers; two scattering, one fluorometer; three fluorometer or three scattering measurements. Options include:

  • Blue scattering
  • Green scattering
  • Red scattering
  • Chlorophyll fluorescence
  • CDOM fluorescence
  • Phycoerythrin fluorescence
  • Phycocyanin fluorescence
  • Rhodamine fluorescence
  • Uranine (fluorescein) fluorescence
Wetlabs ECO Triplet-w
Builds off bio-wiper & faceplate

The ECO Triplet custom optical instrument is now available with active anti-biofouling. It features an evolutionary design that builds off the bio-wiper and faceplate available on the current ECO line.

  • Addresses the need for multiple simultaneous scattering and fluorescence sensors for autonomous and unattended measurement platforms.
  • Performs a free space measurement and requires no pump. It accommodates a variety of deployment options.
  • Provides excellent precision, reliability, and overall performance at a fraction of the cost and size of similar instruments.
  • Ships with WET Labs’ ECOView host software for communication and configuration.
  • Provides multiple measurements in a compact design, making the ECO Triplet unique among in-situ fluorometers.
Wetlabs Thetis Profiler
Submersible Vertically Profiler

The WET Labs, Inc. Thetis Profiler is a submersible vertically profiling platform for use in coastal marine and fresh water environments.


  • Operates in water depths of 5-100 m
  • Can profile in horizontal water current speeds up to 0.65 m/s
  • User configurable profiling speeds (1-30cm/s)
  • Freewave, Iridium, and cell telemetry options available
  • Supports a suite of science instrumentation
  • Easily deployable from a small vessel
  • Remote control of profiling mission parameters