Wetlabs ECO Triplet
Special-order, three-optical-sensor instrument

The Triplet is a a special-order, three-optical-sensor instrument available in a user-defined configuration. The Triplet addresses the need for multiple simultaneous scattering and fluorescence sensors for autonomous and unattended measurement platforms.

Choose from: one scattering, two fluorometers; two scattering, one fluorometer; three fluorometer or three scattering measurements. Options include:

  • Blue scattering
  • Green scattering
  • Red scattering
  • Chlorophyll fluorescence
  • CDOM fluorescence
  • Phycoerythrin fluorescence
  • Phycocyanin fluorescence
  • Rhodamine fluorescence
  • Uranine (fluorescein) fluorescence
Wetlabs ECO Triplet-w
Builds off bio-wiper & faceplate

The ECO Triplet custom optical instrument is now available with active anti-biofouling. It features an evolutionary design that builds off the bio-wiper and faceplate available on the current ECO line.

  • Addresses the need for multiple simultaneous scattering and fluorescence sensors for autonomous and unattended measurement platforms.
  • Performs a free space measurement and requires no pump. It accommodates a variety of deployment options.
  • Provides excellent precision, reliability, and overall performance at a fraction of the cost and size of similar instruments.
  • Ships with WET Labs’ ECOView host software for communication and configuration.
  • Provides multiple measurements in a compact design, making the ECO Triplet unique among in-situ fluorometers.
Wetlabs ECO-PAR
Highly Accurate

Provides highly accurate measurements of PAR (400–700 nm) in all aquatic environments.

  • Long-term monitoring on moorings and buoys
  • Water quality studies
  • Phytoplankton physiology and photosynthesis studies
  • Aquatic productivity studies
Thetis Profiler
Submersible Vertically Profiler

The WET Labs, Inc. Thetis Profiler is a submersible vertically profiling platform for use in coastal marine and fresh water environments.


  • Operates in water depths of 5-100 m
  • Can profile in horizontal water current speeds up to 0.65 m/s
  • User configurable profiling speeds (1-30cm/s)
  • Freewave, Iridium, and cell telemetry options available
  • Supports a suite of science instrumentation
  • Easily deployable from a small vessel
  • Remote control of profiling mission parameters
Cycle Phosphate Sensor
Precision micro-fluidics with state-of-the-art optics

Designed for unattended long-term moored operations, the Cycle PO4 is the first of WET Labs' line of single analyte chemical sensors.

  • Reagent cartridges
  • On-board standard
  • Standardization scheduling
  • Nanomolar resolution
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Autonomous or externally controlled
  • Scattering insensitive optical cell
  • Over 1000 samples
  • Over three month deployments
  • Smart sampling minimizes power consumption
  • Calibrated output (user defined units of μM, mg/L PO4-P)
Wetlabs Aquatic Laser Fluorescence Analyzer (ALFA)
Spectrally and temporally resolved measurements

WET Labs' Aquatic Laser Fluorescence Analyzer (ALFA) provides spectrally and temporally resolved measurements of key bio-environmental variables in oceanic, coastal, and fresh waters.

• Spectral deconvolution of overlapped fluorescence bands with Raman normalization
• Improved assessment of chlorophyll concentrations for estimating phytoplankton biomass
• Discrimination of 5 phycobiliprotein pigments for structural phytoplankton characterization
• Fluorescence assessment of chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM) 
• Measures variable fluorescence, Fv/Fm, with correction for background CDOM fluorescence
• Instrument software allows real-time data analysis and display with GPS coordinates and time