Wetlabs DH4
Sensor interface module

WET Labs’ device for complex sensor integration and data logging is the DH4. The DH4 provides for the simultaneous collection, storage, and merging of digital data from up to eight instruments in both profile and moored modes. Additionally, data from any of the instruments may be viewed in real-time through its own host software while data is being collected and stored for others. The DH4 supports a variety of serial-interface instruments. Upon request, up to 7 channels of analog input can also be provided.

The DH4 ships with Windows™-based software that allows for DH-4 configuration, control, data downloading, and data processing.


Wetlabs PCCS System
Power and Communication Conversion System

The Power and Communication Conversion System (PCCS) bridges the gap between the on-board systems and the submersible profiling package. The PCCS provides:

• AC–DC power conversion • Easy USB connectivity
• Clean power • Two-way communication over long cables


Wet Labs Bioluminescence Assessment Tool (UBAT)
Complete picture of spatial and temporal variability of the biogeochemical complexity

WET Labs' UBAT is designed to measure mechanically stimulated bioluminescence in both coastal and oceanic systems from 0–600 m in depth.


  • Provides calibrated, high-resolution (60 Hz signal and 1 Hz average) measurement of mechanically stimulated bioluminescence for assessing water column ecosystem dynamics.
  • Field calibration light source is used to track sensor drift.
  • Modular design for easy cleaning.
Wet Labs ac-s In-Situ Spectrophotometer
Spectral “fingerprinting” and deconvolution analysis

Based on the highly successful ac-9, the ac-spectra (ac-s) offers almost an order of magnitude increase in spectral resolution of in-situ absorption and beam attenuation. The 4 nm resolution allows for spectral "fingerprinting" and deconvolution analysis.

WetLabs Beam Attenuation Meter
The next generation transmissometer

The beam attenuation meter is specifically designed for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles to accommodate size and drag considerations.


  • Compact size
  • Rugged construction
  • High precision and stability
  • Digital electronics
  • Protected optics
  • Flush mountable


WetLabs C-Star Transmissometer
Versatility in applications with high resolution

The C-Star incorporates a novel monolithic housing with a highly integrated opto-electronic design to provide a low cost, compact solution for underwater measurements of beam transmittance.


  •  14 bit analog and digital output
  •  Outputs calculated attenuation
  •  ECOView software included
  •  Compatible with previous generations
  •  Optional flow tube
  •  10 and 25 cm pathlengths available
  •  Available in 6000 meter depth rating
  •  Easily interfaced
  •  Available in multiple wavelengths