Valeport Mini CT
Mini Conductivity & Temperature

The miniCT is Valeport’s latest real time Conductivity and Temperature sensor package. It features high accuracy sensors combined with a robust design to make it suitable for inclusion in a variety of sensor suites or for use on ROV’s or other vehicles

Valeport Midas CTD
Conductivity Temperature Density

The MIDAS CTD is an accurate, robust CTD Profiler. As well as using Valeport’s high stability conductivity sensor, which maintains performance at extreme temperatures and pressures, the MIDAS CTD is fitted with a high accuracy 0.01% pressure sensor as standard. It also features our unique synchronised sampling technique to ensure that all sensors are sampled at exactly the same time for perfect profiles. Titanium construction and a variety of communications methods make the MIDAS CTD ideal for real-time or autonomous profiling in virtually all conditions.

Valeport Midas CTD Plus
Tailored to suit each customer's requirements

Valeport applies its unique distributed processing technology to the MIDAS CTD+, resulting in a multiparameter CTD that is essentially tailor made to suit each customer’s requirements. The instrument is able to accept any combination of a range of industry standard sensors, giving calibrated data in both autonomous and real time operations. A choice of titanium or acetal construction makes it suitable for coastal or deep water operations, and the intuitive software allows a range of both simple and complex sampling regimes.

Valeport Mini CTD
Cost Effective tool
The miniCTD has been developed to provide a cost effective tool for the collection of CTD Profiles, without compromising the 
quality of the data.  Ideally suited to ROV, coastal, or small boat applications, the miniCTD will appeal to survey companies, the 
military and academia alike, being both simple to use & easy to handle.
Valeport Mini CTD-Fast Profiler
Fast Profiler designed to deliver the highest quality
An evolution of the miniCTD, the Fast Profiler has been designed to deliver the highest quality CTD casts at rapid drop rates. A 
conductivity cell designed for optimum flow-through, a fast response thermistor temperature sensor and a 0.01% pressure sensor 
synchronously sampling at up to 32Hz deliver the highest quality profiles in a lightweight and robust package.  Add in an integral 
fluorometer based on Valeport’s new Hyperion range, an optional Bluetooth communications module and the miniCTD Fast Profiler 
offers a unique and versatile solution.