Valeport Midas ECM
Self Recording Electronic Current Meter

The MIDAS ECM is a highly versatile point current meter, designed with durability and ease of deployment in mind. Valeport’s latest electronics architecture allows multiple additional sensors, and a variety of communications options, making it one of the few multiparameter current meters that allows real time operations over several thousand metres of cable, as well autonomous deployments. A choice of titanium or acetal housing gives depth rating up to 5000m.

Valeport Model 801
Open Channel Flow Meter

This small solid-state sensor has been designed specifically for use in open channels where fouling by weed or sewage can be a problem. Valeport's experience in electromagnetic technology has ensured that the Model 801 is a high precision instrument which can be relied upon to give accurate readings (±0.5% of reading plus zero stability) over a wide flow range (±5 m/sec) in only 5cm of water. The control display unit provides a choice of averaging modes, standard deviation of the data, and an optional logging facility. 

Valeport Model 802
Electromagnetic Current Flow Sensors

The Model 802 range of Electromagnetic Current Flow Sensors offer precision flow measurement in a wide variety of applications. A choice of sensor designs allows a range of requirements to be met, from the small spatial resolution needed for laminar flow modeling in the laboratory to larger highly durable sensor for use in the surf zone or deep seabed deployments. The electromagnetic technology allows operation in clean water environments, and the system can be supplied in several configurations to suit the application

Valeport Model 803
ROV Current Meter

TheModel 803 ROV Current Meter is a unique instrument, providing ROV pilots with relative water velocity data in real time. It may be fitted to ROVs to provide actual through the water speeds, or fitted to Tether Management Systems to give a measurement of local flow conditions. The selection of output options make interfacing easy, and data may be displayed using the software supplied. Available in a 3000m titanium housing, the Model 803 is an extremely durable, reliable method of measuring current speeds in a wide variety of underwater vehicle applications.