Teledyne TSS Dualtrack
Pipe & Cable Survey System
There are thousands of miles of pipes and cables beneath our oceans. Commercial, legal and operational considerations demand that these remain in good order. This requirement creates a constant need to verify location, condition and burial status - operations that are complicated by the ever-changing seabed topography.
There is a need for a system that can detect the presence of both pipes and cables, and can provide accurate and reliable survey data, which describes the position of these cables on or beneath the seabed. The system needs to be flexible in its range of uses and in the variety of vehicles on which it can be installed to complete survey work.
TSS is the world leader in developing and supplying technologies to meet these demands. Having developed the world's first commercial pulse induction pipe and cable survey system (TSS 340) in 1991, followed by the release of the TSS 350 AC tone cable survey system, TSS has gone from strength to strength and become the industry standard.
TSS technologies are proven in operation in some of the most exacting environments world-wide, and its equipment is established as the most accurate means of obtaining pipe and cable burial data.
  • Suitable for pipe and cable tracking, burial and survey requirements
  • Excellent detection and tracking performance
  • High accuracy repeatable range data
  • Pulse induction technology allows autonomous operation
  • System design facilitates quick and easy mobilisation
  • AC tone detection mode for measurement at increase burial depths
  • Forward search mode for target location


Teledyne TSS 440 Pipe Tracking System
Pipe & Cable Tracker

The 440 pipe tracker and 350 cable tracker are world-leaders in subsea survey, location and tracking of underwater targets. The systems can also be combined in the Dualtrack system to meet all user needs.

Geo Boomer 300-500
High quality boomer systems


  • Designed for operation with the Geo-Spark 1000+ with power lock
  • High repetition rate, up to 6 shots per second
  • Efficient baffle ensures perfect single pulse signature
  • Very high-resolution < 10cm
  • Maximum penetration up to 100ms below seabed
  • Water depth maximum 300m
Geo Source 200 Light Weight
Marine Multi-Tip Sparker System


  • UHR marine seismic source 
  • Specially designed for small vessel
  • Light weight floating tow cable
  • Typically used in combination with the Geo-Spark 1000
  • Water depths from 2 to 500m
  • Penetration to 200 to 300ms below seabed depending on geology and acquisition conditions
  • Vertical resolution up to 20-30m


Teledyne Odom Chirp III
Pioneer in Chirp Technology

Teledyne Marine is a pioneer in Chirp technology and was the first to bring a commercial Chirp sub-bottom profiling system to the market. Teledyne Odom continues that advancement with the Chirp III sub-bottom profiling system.

Portable and affordable, the Chirp III is a low cost system ideally suited for many applications. Its versatile system configuration provides the user with various styles of tow vehicles and hull mounted arrays.

  • 16 Bit resolution
  • Up to 15 Hz sounding rate
  • 200m maximum operating depth