Innomar Converter
Converter Software

The SES Convert software may be usd to get the data aquired by a SES-2000 sub-bottom profiler or sidescan into the SEG-Y or XTF data format to be used with third-party post-processing software. Since there is a variety of SEG-Y formats it is possible to set up data conversion and then to convert a bunch of SES-2000 data files with one click.

Innomar Data Acquisition & Control

The online software "SES for Windows" (SESWIN) provides a user friendly system configuration and system control during the survey. Optimized signal processing algorithms give very good online results on the screen and on the printer too. Every NMEA compatible navigation system or GPS receiver can be easy configured for input and heave sensors can be used for online heave correction. An ASCII output of the position and the water depths values from both channels is also possible.

STR 20
STR 20
    Filled with silicon oil for neutral buoyancy
    Supplied with robust 50m tow leader as standard
    Complete with pre-amp and easily replaceable alkaline battery
    Extensively field proven for consistently high quality results
    In addition to standard models; customized units with grouped elements can be supplied
High quality streamer hydrophones available as 1-8, 12 or 20 element designs. Each is supplied with a pre-amplifier and connectors for standard seismic acquisition systems.
Applied Acoustics Streamer Hydrophones
STR Digital Transceiver
The Digital Sub-Bottom Transceiver combines the highly successful Digital Sub-Bottom Transmitter with a fully featured receiver to deliver a fully integrated pinger transceiver system.
In addition to the standard features offered by the Digital Sub-Bottom Transmitter, the new Digital Transceiver model comes with a software driven front end receiver to provide a wide range of signal gain processing and data optimisation benefits. Enhanced performance in noisy operating environments is achieved by selectable filtering including low pass, high pass and notch filters to remove unwanted out of band noise. A dedicated hydrophone input is provided to offer additional deployment configurations and noise rejection benefits. A selectable full wave envelope detector is included to provide enhanced data display optimisation. The fully isolated output signal is easily integrated to industry standard data acquisitions systems, or when delivered with the Sub-Bottom Monitor acquisition software package, digital acquisition can be performed at source utilising the internal acquisition module. The Sub-Bottom Monitor software provides real time data display and offers data acquisition over an Ethernet network with remote control of transmitter, receiver and acquisition parameters.
Sub-Bottom Monitor Software Features
    Data Acquisition via Ethernet link and recording in industry formats
    Signal gain processing via Autogain or Manual on screen TVG
    Signal frequency processing with FFT and spectrum analysis
    Bottom tracking function with water column blanking or truncation options
    Ethernet remote control of all transmit, receive, gain and filtering functions
    Navigation input logging in NMEA, GLL/GGA, CODA and custom formats
    Analogue signal output with annotation functions for printed records
STR Digital Transmitter
STR Digital Transmitter
The Digital Sub-Bottom Transmitter offers advanced software driven features to deliver a high performance pinger transmitter.
A high power output with Single Cycle Mode Power Boost delivers deeper penetration and higher resolution than traditional transmitters. The digital display user interface gives full control of output power, frequency and transmit cycles for nearshore and full ocean depth operations.
A fully adjustable 60kW output is delivered by a solid state drive, designed to eliminate the ringing associated with traditional transmitter designs. The output frequency is adjustable from 1kHz to 18kHz to accommodate a range of low and high frequency sub-bottom transducers. The transmit pulse length is adjustable from 1 to 10 cycles to provide higher penetration or resolution.
A built in heave input module offers heave compensated data, and the signal output is compatible with industry standard acquisition systems.
Teledyne TSS350
Modern Subsea Cable Systems
With modern subsea cable systems becoming increasingly sophisticated and their deployment, recovery and repair a more exacting science, there is a need for accurate subsea cable location. The TSS 350 Cable Survey System has been developed to meet this requirement in a compact, modular system that provides advanced features whilst remaining easy to use.
The TSS 350 System is designed specifically for the detection and survey of tone-carrying cables. Featuring a comprehensive software display and menu structure, real time information is presented in a clearer graphical format and provided as a digital output for storage and subsequent processing.This fully integrated system provides accurate survey data, verifying location and burial status of a cable as well as providing operators with fault location, vehicle skew angle and look-ahead information.
The TSS 350 provides today’s specialist operating companies with a System that will significantly improvetheir subsea operations allowing cable detection at greater burial depths for a variety of applications.
  • Cable location data and depth of burial data
  • Cable fault location
  • Vehicle skew angle data
  • Look-ahead information
  • Tone discrimination


  • Accurate and reliable survey data with quality control envelope
  • Combination of advanced DSP technology and proven tone-detection techniques
  • Tone frequency discrimination