Teledyne Odom Digibar Pro
Profiling Sound Velocimeter

The Digibar Pro is the most cost-effective means of obtaining accurate water column sound velocities. Used primarily to calibrate acoustic systems, the Digibar Pro offers a fast and safe method for sound velocity calibration as compared to the traditional “bar-check”. Regardless of sea state or current, the probe is simply lowered into the water to log sound velocity / depth samples (by time or depth interval) as the probe descends. The “sing-around” principle of velocity measurement automatically compensates for all influences including pressure, water salinity and temperature.

  • Battery operated hand terminal
  • Up to 100 m cable (detachable)
  • Stainless steel probe, splash-proof hand terminal
  • Units in meters or feet
  • Velocity profile or average sound velocity
  • PC program available with graphing function and real time connection to probe
Teledyne Odom Digibar S
Profiling Sound Velocimeter

The rugged all stainless steel Digibar S was designed for un-tethered sound velocity casting. This configuration frees the probe from its electrical cable making deeper sound speed profiling a much easier and more reliable task. With a 500 m maximum depth capability and storage for multiple casts, the “S’s” flexible design still maintains some of the best features of the popular Digibar Pro.

  • Rugged, stainless steel construction
  • 500 meter maximum depth
  • Records sound velocity, temperature, pressure and time
  • Simple Windows based interface
Valeport Midas SVP
Sound Velocity Profiler

The MIDAS SVP is the most accurate Sound Velocity Profiler in the world. As well as using Valeport’s digital time of flight sound velocity sensor, it now comes as standard with a 0.01% pressure sensor. Every detail from the sensor accuracy through the titanium construction to the large memory and choice of communications methods has been considered - we truly believe it to be the ultimate SVP.

Valeport Midas SVX2
Combined SVP & CTD

The MIDAS SVX2 is the latest version of Valeport’s unique instrument. Recognising the conflict faced by users requiring the superior Sound Velocity data from an SVP, but still needing the Salinity and Density data from a CTD, the MIDAS SVX2 combines both technologies to give the best of both worlds. Now fitted with a 0.01% pressure sensor as standard, the SVX2 also uses synchronised sampling to ensure perfect profiles, and since the digital time of flight SV sensor is the most accurate in the world, it’s also possible to compare the true sound velocity data with that generated by commonly used equations.

Valeport miniSVP
Mini Sound Velocity Profiler

The miniSVP has been developed to provide a cost effective tool for the collection of Sound Velocity Profiles, without compromising the quality of the data. Ideally suited to ROV, coastal, or small boat applications, the miniSVP will appeal to survey companies, the military and academia alike, being simple to use, easy to handle, and featuring the most accurate SV sensor in the world.

Valeport Rapid SV
Fast Collection of Sound Velocity Profiles

The Valeport rapidSV profiler has been developed for the fast collection of Sound Velocity Profiles, without compromising the quality of the data.  The world’s most accurate Sound Velocity sensor with virtually instantaneous response time, data acquisition rates of up to 32Hz housed in a low drag housing result in the highest quality profiles at drop rates over 5 m/s