Renishaw Boretrak
Mining Safety


  • Plan blasting using live, accurate data: Boreholes drilled don't always match the drilling plan, due to a range of factors. With Boretrak, the blast can be designed taking into account the true deviation of the holes rather than the intended, theoretical hole design.
  • Reduce the risk of unsafe or inefficient blasts: with Boretrak, any problems in the drilling can be speedily flagged up.
  • Use one system for a wide range of projects: the Rodded Boretrak allows uphole and downhole borehole measurement with a single tool.
  • Work accurately, without the interference associated with compass-based systems: Rodded Boretrak does not use a magnetic compass so will not be affected by the heavy machinery; generators; ferrous metals in the rock; steel reinforcements and cabling found in an underground environment.
  • Get a complete picture of underground structures: Boretrak data can be geo-referenced and fitted in to the mine's local co-ordinate system. This allows the data to be viewed in mine planning packages alongside other surveyed data.
  • Deploy personnel more effectively. A 20m hole can be surveyed in a couple of minutes. The speed of the survey frees up underground personnel for other work.