Trimble SX10
Scanner + Total Station
  • Combines surveying, imaging and high speed 3D scanning in one revolutionary solution
  • Trimble's high accuracy Lightning 3DM technology provides scanning range up to 600 m and the smallest spot size in the industry—a mere 14 mm at 100 m
  • Utilizes Trimble Lightning scanning technology to scan up to 26,600 points per second captures a full dome scan in as little as 12 minutes
  • Improved Trimble VISION™ technology allows for fast and easy capture of high resolution site imagery
  • Complete integration with familiar workflows of Trimble Access and Trimble Business Center Software
Trimble TX6
Cost effective laser scanner


  • 500,000 points per second with no compromise on scan quality or range
  • Typical high density scan time of only 5 minutes
  • Integrated HDR camera to colorize scans
  • Easy to use onboard interface with no complex parameters
  • Integrated WLAN for remote operation from any mobile device
  • Robust design with IP 54 rating for demanding environments
  • Upgradeable from 80m standard to 120 meter extended range


Trimble TX5
Highly versatile solution for general scanning applications

The Trimble® TX5 3D laser scanner is a revolutionary and highly versatile 3D scanning solution for a broad variety of scanning applications. The compact and lightweight design provides unmatched mobility at the job site, increasing field productivity. The intuitive and easy to use onboard interface allows new users to quickly get up to speed.


  • Versatile and cost-effective
  • Compact and portable
  • Integrated color camera for creating photorealistic scenes
  • Intuitive touch screen interface ideal for new users


Trimble TX8
1 million points per second

The Trimble TX8 delivers the power and flexibility to tackle even the most demanding projects. Designed for performance the Trimble TX8 enables you to complete 3D laser scanning projects faster than ever.

  • 1 million points per second
  • Typical high quality scan time of only 3 minutes
  • IEC EN60825-1 class 1 eye safe laser
  • High accuracy maintained over entire range
  • 340 meter range
  • NEW – integrated HDR camera provides fast image capture to colorize scans with minimal impact on field productivity.
  • NEW – integrated WLAN to enable wireless remote operation from Windows, Apple and Android mobile devices.


Trimble MX8
Your Premium Mobile Spatial Imaging
The Trimble MX8 is a premium mobile spatial imaging system capturing fully synchronized, high-quality georeferenced point clouds and high-resolution imagery. The vehicle-mounted system is designed for surveyors, engineers, and geospatial professionals conducting as-built modeling, inventory, inspection, encroachment analysis, and asset management for roadways, bridges, railway, utilities and other infrastructure management.
  • Performance 360-degree mobile dual laser scanners collecting over one million points per second
  • High-frequency digital cameras at set orientations capturing high resolution panorama and surface imagery
  • Market-leading POS LV positioning and orientation system delivering extremely fast position updates (up to 200Hz) and high accuracy results even when GNSS signals are interrupted
  • Rigidly mounted and fully calibrated pod with wide navigation and sensor base for easy installation on a variety of vehicle types
  • Trimble Trident software to extract survey, GIS and construction deliverables
  • Combined with ground control, the MX8 achieves industry leading data accuracy
  • Incredibly detailed 3D infrastructure geometry without gaps in a single pass from a vehicle moving at regular traffic speeds
  • Conduct projects that would be too slow, cost-prohibitive, disruptive, dangerous or simply impossible using traditional survey methods
  • Automated and manual feature extraction capabilities including change analysis impossible using other technologies