Trimble UX5
Aerial Imaging Rover

Obtain a new standard of surveying and mapping with this complete, robust solution for fast and safe aerial data collection.

  • Leading image acquisition quality and data accuracy
  • All-terrain and all-weather performance
  • Reverse thrust for precise landings in confined spaces
  • A durable and reliable solution for intensive use
  • Full automatic Trimble Access workflows for ease-of-use and safe operation
  • Simple data processing with Trimble Business Center photogrammetry module
Trimble UX5 HP
High Precision Mapping and Surveying Solution

The Trimble UX5 HP is a professional aerial mapping system, designed to capture the highest image accuracy for survey applications. The features of the new UX5 High Precision include an integrated Trimble GNSS receiver, a powerful new camera, and a selection of camera lenses available for the ultimate in system flexibility.

WingtraOne (PPK)
Professional VTOL Drone for Surveying

Surveying and mapping made easy!

  • Down to 0.7 cm/px GSD
  • Down to 1 cm absolute accuracy
  • 55 minute flight
  • choose between 42MP or 20MP or Micasense
  • Covers 400 ha at 3 cm/px GSD
  • Hands-off: truly safe & easy to use


Cumulus V1
Long endurance flight drone
  • Flight Time 2:30h
  • Hand launched
  • Deployment time <5 min
  • Dataset absolute accuracy: 1,5cm/4cm
  • Deep-stall landing within 10×10 m