SuperGIS Desktop
Powerful GIS Desktop Software
Perform GIS data creation, editing and analysis.
Visualize your spatial data to show the original landforms and its spatial features.
Apply SuperGIS Toolkit to define the geoprocessing workflow to process spatial data.
Read, import and manage various kinds of data formats and geodatabases.
Share the spatial data with coworkers within organizations efficiently.
Use many GIS tools to identify, find, measure, and calculate geographic data.
Develop an ideal working environment by customizing appropriate GIS tools.


SuperGIS Server
In a way that fits well into your workflows.
SuperGIS Server
SuperGIS Server gives you the ability to create, manage, and distribute GIS services over the Web to support desktop, mobile and Web mapping applications.
SuperGIS Network Server
SuperGIS Network Server offers you advanced network data analysis capabilities via Web services. The powerful network analysis tools can be deployed for web applications without installing additional GIS software on the client side.
SuperGIS 3D Earth Server
SuperGIS 3D Earth Server is a software that allows you to display and share all your GIS data in a 3D view, which is a breakthrough technology in traditional GIS systems. By exploring the data in the virtual globe, it is much easier to see the spatial relationships between different features.
SuperWebGIS, the internet map server software, can help organizations to deliver dynamic maps and GIS data via the Web. With the ubiquitous internet, the spatial data can be shared limitlessly.


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SuperGIS Mobile
Operation platform for field surveyors to collect, modify, and measure the spatial data in an easy and effective way.
SuperSurv, mobile survey system, integrating GIS and GPS technologies is a mobile GIS system for surveying field data, which works on mobile devices with Android OS. The main functions include data collection, orientation, map display and waypoint guidance.
SuperPad is a feature-rich mobile GIS application. SuperPad provides complete mobile GIS functions and receives the data from the server side to offer services. It's designed for the field workers who need to cope with advanced tasks.
SuperVeyor is positioned as an effortless GIS Solution for field survey and data collection; the full-function mobile GIS software allows surveyors to easily collect, edit, measure, and query spatial data for greater field productivity.
SuperField, the lightweight GIS software, is suitable for the field workers who need to fulfill basic survey tasks in a standalone environment with economical cost.
SuperGIS Mobile Engine
SuperGIS Mobile Engine, a mobile GIS SDK, is suitable for the advanced users who have the ability to develop mobile GIS applications and higher customization demand for mobile GIS functions.


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