Chesapeake Sonarwiz5
See your sonar data like never before
You work hard to get the data – make sure you see all that it has to show. SonarWiz Data Acquisition and Post Processing Software for Seafloor mapping, Sidescan Sonar, Sub-bottom Profiler, Bathyemetry, Magnetometer Easy to acquire, Process and Interpret Sonar Data. SonarWiz software helps with sonar mission planning, data acquisition and post processing to ensure you use your time on the water effectively and capture all of the data you need before heading back to port.

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This complete, easy to use solution increases surveyor productivity, simplifies the planning process, and enables you to produce high quality results. Description and Benefits SonarWiz is an all-in-one suite of programs for the real-time acquisition of sonar data, designed to meet all of your sonar mapping needs, save you time, and minimize your training costs. Whatever your role – commercial sonar, oil & gas, navy and coast guard, education, construction, salvage, or research - SonarWiz helps you streamline the survey process and simplify the number of software programs you need to learn. It operates with all major sidescan and sub-bottom sonar manufacturers, so you won’t need to re-familiarize yourself with different applications each time you need to use different sonar equipment.


  • Only have to learn one powerful, easy to use software to complete any sonar survey
  • Advanced interactive planning tools lead to efficient and cost effective survey time on the water
  • Reduce costs by using real-time data acquisition to confirm quality and coverage before leaving operation area
  • Customize computer desktop to meet job requirements, save and recall setup for easy setup of subsequent missions
  • Intuitive interface follows survey workflow methodology making it easy to start using the system immediately
  • Results are easily shared with anyone using Internet Explorer
  • Unsurpassed on-site training and customer support to ensure you get the most from your investment