Trimble LM80 Desktop
Pocket sized for layout applications
  • Graphical user interface provides direct access to common functions for a shorter learning curve and minimal self-training.
  • Standard view controls offer a common user interface designed for anyone with a limited understanding of CAD for fast, easy operation.
  • Multiple point selection in Individual, Window, and Current view point selection techniques give you maximum control to select points.
  • Enter Plan and COGO (coordinate geometry) functionality in the office.
  • Supports importing AutoCAD DWG and DXF files for creating layout points.
  • Import and export text files that contain a list of points and coordinates.
Trimble Robotic Total Stations
Helping to perform layout task efficiently

With selectable functions and capabilities, we can now choose between the RTS 655, 773 or 873.

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  • Layout of control
  • Checking or typing into property boundaries
  • Layout of excavation lines
  • Layout of concrete forms and anchor
  • As-built checks
  • Layout of control lines on concrete paid for subcontractor
  • Layout of hangers, sleeves and underground pipe
  • Light topographical measurements








Auto Focusable Green Laser


EyePiece and Telescope




2.4 GHZ Radio

Trimble VISION


Trimble Nomad


Trimble Tablet


Trimble Spectra UL633
First construction laser with x,y,z axis
  • Automatic electronic self-leveling provides fast, easy horizontal level, grade, and vertical plumb setup
  • Large compensated grade range from -25% to +25%
  • Quick setups with the combined radio/infrared remote control for horizontal, vertical and grade applications as well as for pipe laying applications
  • Electronic Leveling Vibration Filter dampens vibrations typically experienced on tall tripods, in high winds, or on high vibration jobsites.
  • No rework due to automatic temperature and grade- and cross axis compensation
  • Dual Automatic Axis Alignment doing precise automatic axes alignments to two desired alignment points without positioning the receivers 90° perpendicular (+/-40° alignment range on Y- and X-axis)
  • Horizontal Angle Measurement Capability offers the opportunity to measure the angle between two points through two axis alignments on the Y- or X- axis
  • Automatic Spot Align for short pipe laying applications, used for the first and second day set up. The SF601 guides the beam quick and accurate to the target point in the horizontal axis, while the Z-axis grade value will be maintained
  • Spot Search uses the Spot Finder SF601 to find the center of the plumb beam manually
  • Single and Dual Grade Match (Y- and X-axis separate or at the same time) and Spot Match (Z-axis) measures and displays the existing grade over unknown ground and eliminates time consuming and error prone calculations, time spent searching for grade plans, and over excavating
  • Single and Dual PlaneLok (Y- and X-axis separate or at the same time) and Spot Lok (Z-axis) automatically locks on to an existing elevation or vertical alignment point which eliminates all drift or possibility of error due to improper calibration or weather
  • Very rugged, survives a 1 m (3 ft) drop on concrete – reduces service and repair costs
  • Mask mode eliminates interference with other crews on the jobsite
  • Different rotation speeds (continuously adjustable) plus Scanning Mode offer additional value and make sure also requirements of Interior jobsite will be fulfilled
Trimble Vulcan
Best Mix of Innovation and Usability

Your cutting table drives your business—and cutting software drives your table.

That’s why HVAC contractors and duct manufacturers worldwide rely on the Vulcan sheet metal cutting software to increase shop productivity, reduce waste, and improve their bottom line.



Comprehensive fitting libraries

Automatic & Manual Segmenting

Automatic Shape Nesting

Custom Labels


Parts Drawing Program

Import from Trimble DuctDesigner3D and Other CAD Programs

Export from Vuican to Trimble AutoBid SheetMetal

Tekla Structures
Create and manage accurately

Tekla Structures is Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that enables the creation and management of accurately detailed, highly constructible 3D structural models regardless of material or structural complexity. The models can cover the entire building process from conceptual design to fabrication, erection and construction management.

Key benefits

  • Collaborate and integrate thanks to open BIM approach.
  • Model all materials.
  • Handle even the largest, most complex structures. 
  • Create accurate, constructable models.
  • Let information flow from design and detailing to construction site.
Trimble Field Fitting Input App
An iPad Application
Features Benefit  

Fitting Libraries

Our fitting library covers from the smallest residential to the largest industrial applications. Trimble® Field Fitting Input has 97% of the Vulcan library of HVAC fittings

 Comprehensive Fitting Libraries

Secure Transfer

Fast, easy and secure data transfer via e-mail. Transfer the needed information over a wireless data connection from your iPad® 

 Secure Data Transfer

Vulcan to Ipad

Imagine a place where everyone is working off the same fitting information, eliminating the guesswork

 Standard Fittings

3-D rotational preview

Take the guess work out of what you're inputting and sending back to the shop for import into your Vulcan CAM software

 3-D rotational preview

Intuitive Information Input

It's as easy as writing the dimensions by hand in the field.
Save time having to re-enter the data back at the shop.
Reduce human error and finger-pointing!

 Intuitive Information Input