Trimble Slate controller
Trimble Slate controller
A Smart Mobile Surveying Solution
Powerful, connected, and compact, the Trimble® Slate Controller combines the convenience and ease-of-use of a smartphone with the durability for which Trimble is known. Its slim, ergonomic design is easy to grasp and its screen provides superior sunlight readability enabling all-day use by hard-working survey professionals
One Device for both Voice and Surveying Data Collection 
No longer juggle a smart phone and a rugged computer to stay connected to the office, your clients, or your survey equipment
Offers voice, SMS text, and 3.75G cellular data transfer capabilities
Transfer data to and from the cloud using Wi-Fi or WWAN connections
Connect to a Trimble VRS™ network via high speed connection capabilities
Connect directly to, and control, the Trimble R4 GNSS receiver using the controller's integrated Bluetooth® capability
Enhance your job documentation and point attribution by capturing geotagged, high quality, digital photos with the integrated 8 MP camera
Navigate directly to points using the internal GPS and Compass
Your Mobile Office in the Field
Runs Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 Professional Operating System and Microsoft Office Mobile 2010
Run software applications quickly and easily with 1 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM
Transfer files to the office using integrated communications technology
Compact and Rugged Design
Slim, ergonomic design – weighs only 13.5 ounces
4.3 inch capacitive touch, Gorilla glass display provides superior sunlight readability without sacrificing durability
Withstands a pole drop of 1.22m (4.0 ft) onto a concrete surface
Trimble Access Optimized
Trimble Access field software available on the Trimble Slate Controller offers numerous features and capabilities to streamline the flow of everyday surveying work.
Trimble TSC3
Trimble TSC3
Streamline the flow of everyday surveying work make field work more efficient with the fully integrated TSC3 controller.
Fully-integrated camera
Make pictures an essential part of your workflow
5MP Autofocus camera and LED flash
Take digital photographs of your job site right from the control
Record qualitative information, such as site conditions or work progress
Real-Time Communications
Wireless internet connectivity with integrated GSM/GPRS modem
Trimble AccessSync enables real-time synchronization between field and office
Download and upload files anytime, anywhere
Connect with VRS connections using the internal modem
Purpose- Built Design
Large, bright high resolution screen
Choose from a QWERTY or conventional alpha-number keyboard
Automatically geo-tag captured images
Navigate and find control points and other assets quickly with integrated GPS
Receive direction cues with the internal compass
Bluetooth wireless technology eliminates cables
Trimble Access Optimized 
Trimble Access field software available on the TSC3 controller offers numerous features and capabilities to streamline the flow of everyday surveying work.
Trimble CU Controller
Control Unit


  • Optimized for Trimble Access field software
  • Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 operating system
  • 100% cable free
  • Integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Flexible communications options
  • Rugged specifications for reliable daily performance
  • The original Integrated Surveying™ system
Trimble Tablet Rugged PC Controller
No longer choose between the toughness and portability of a field controller and the operating power of a laptop.


  • Fully rugged construction including Gorilla® Glass panel display
  • 7 inch capacitive touch dual technology display system delivers enhanced, sunlight readability
  • Windows 7 Operating system brings the office to the field
  • Built-in 5 MP camera for unprecedented image documentation
  • Integrated communication technology provides increased connectivity
  • Optimized for Trimble Access field software workflow support
Trimble SCS900 TSC3
Rugged Controller for harsh conditions

Your rugged workhorse for site measurement, stakeout, and grade checking operations, the TSC3 gives supervisors, foremen, grade checkers and site engineers total control of site operations.


Rugged, Durable design

Easy to use software

Cable free operation


Trimble Remote Assistant

    A 4.2 inch, high-resolution LCD touchscreen display and alphanumeric keypad that make it easy to enter data
    Integrated 3G modem that gives instant access to the Internet for receiving base station corrections, emailing and synching files
    Integrated GPS and 5MP camera to collect site information for documentation and quality control
    Optional 2.4 GHz radio that gives it flexibility for GNSS or total station operations