Trimble SCS900 TSC3
Rugged Controller for harsh conditions

Your rugged workhorse for site measurement, stakeout, and grade checking operations, the TSC3 gives supervisors, foremen, grade checkers and site engineers total control of site operations.


Rugged, Durable design

Easy to use software

Cable free operation


Trimble Remote Assistant

    A 4.2 inch, high-resolution LCD touchscreen display and alphanumeric keypad that make it easy to enter data
    Integrated 3G modem that gives instant access to the Internet for receiving base station corrections, emailing and synching files
    Integrated GPS and 5MP camera to collect site information for documentation and quality control
    Optional 2.4 GHz radio that gives it flexibility for GNSS or total station operations

Trimble InSphere
Geospatial Information Management System

Trimble InSphere™ is a common cloud-based software platform for central management of geospatial applications, data and services. Whether you are in surveying and engineering or mapping, Trimble InSphere gives you the tools you need to manage your geospatial operations in one central place accessible anytime, anywhere.

On a single, simple and easy-to-use web platform, InSphere provides access to multiple productivity-enhancing applications, including Data Manager, Equipment Manager, and TerraFlex™ software.

Pacific Crest XDL Rover 2
Lightweight, ruggedized UHF receiver


  • Bluetooth® enabled
  • 70 MHz Bandwidth Coverage 403-473 MHz bands
  • High Over-the-Air Link Rate
  • Software-Derived Channel Bandwidth
  • High Environmental Capabilities
  • Pocket sized for ultimate portability
  • Internal rechargeable battery
Trimble M7v
Enter the world of Mobile Imaging

Versatile system offers significant operational flexibility. Six 5MP cameras provide rapid 360 degree image documentation with high precision positioning using tightly coupled GNSS and inertial referencing system. It uses Trimble Mobile Imaging capture software and Trimble Trident office for data capture, extraction and analysis.

Trimble R1 GNSS
Collect data via your personal device

Rugged, Compact, Lightweight GNSS Receiver that provides professional grade positioning to any mobile device using Bluetooth connectivity.

Purpose built for Mapping and GIS professionals in a variety of organizations.

Flexible and practical, accurate and rugged.

Trimble R8s
Your Configurable Solution
  • One configurable receiver that is scalable for future needs
  • Available in post-processing, base only, rover only, or base & rover configurations
  • Advanced satellite tracking with Trimble 360 receiver technology
  • Includes Trimble Maxwell 6 chips with 440 channels
  • Simple integration with Trimble S-Series Total Stations and the V10 Imaging Rover
  • Intuitive Trimble Access Field Software and Trimble Business Center Office Software
  • Trimble DL Android app for collecting static GNSS raw data for post-processing