Trimble GEDO Scan
Clearance Check & Scanning


  • Simple, self-contained trolley used for Trimble GEDO Scan and other track measuring applications
  • Helical scanning mode captures ceilings and walls to produce accurate 3D models of tunnels and overpasses
  • Trimble GEDO Scan Field software runs on the Trimble Tablet rugged PC controller. The software controls scanning operations and data collection from the scanner and trolley
  • Modular system lets you use the Trimble TX5 scanner for other survey and facility needs
  • Workflow and user interface are consistent with other Trimble GEDO systems to reduce training and increase system productivity
  • Supports 45° Mode for better object visibility at as-built scans
Trimble T10
High-performance in the field
  • Large 10.1-inch screen ensures easy viewing of data
  • High screen resolution offers enhanced map interaction, providing accurate, detailed information to help you make informed decisions out on site
  • Built tough with IP-65, military-grade (MIL-STD-810G) ruggedness certification to handle extreme elements, drops and shocks
  • Hot-swappable long life Li-Ion batteries to help keep you working as long as you need to
WingtraOne (PPK)
Professional VTOL Drone for Surveying

Surveying and mapping made easy!

  • Down to 0.7 cm/px GSD
  • Down to 1 cm absolute accuracy
  • 55 minute flight
  • choose between 42MP or 20MP or Micasense
  • Covers 400 ha at 3 cm/px GSD
  • Hands-off: truly safe & easy to use

Choose Between:

  • PPK or No PPK
  • 20mp or 42mp camera


Cumulus V1
Long endurance flight drone
  • Flight Time 2:30h
  • Hand launched
  • Deployment time <5 min
  • Dataset absolute accuracy: 1,5cm/4cm
  • Deep-stall landing within 10×10 m